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Frequently Asked Questions

Ever wondered how to perform a certain task, but didn't know who to ask or where to find the information?   Well, look no further!  You've found the place and the tips you need.  

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Q1: Which Backup Method is the best for my situation?
A: This Side by Side Comparison will help you decide what works best.
     Side by Side Backup Comparison

Q2: How can I Access/Control My Computer remotely?
A: This can be done using a number of different programs.
    LogMeIn, GoToMy PC, Windows RemoteDesktop & others.
    Remote Access & Control of your PC...

Q3: How do I Defrag my HardDrive in Windows XP?
A: This is done from your "Local Disk - Properties".
    How to Defrag your HardDrive in Windows XP...

Q4: How do I use Disk Cleanup in Windows XP?
A: This is done from your "Local Disk - Properties".
    How to Use Disk Cleanup...

Q5: How do I change Screen Resolutions in Windows XP?
A: This is done from your "Display Properties - Settings" tab.
    Change Screens Resolutions WinXP...

Q6: How do I save my Sent email in Outlook 2007?
A: This is done from "Tools, Options, Email Options".
    Save copy of Outlook 2007 Sent emails...

Q7: When I get a POPUP, should I click "NO, CANCEL or X?
A: Never, No, Never. Did I say Never? This may actually infect your computer.
   Stopping Viruses and Spyware...